Convenient and Professional

Mobile Phlebotomy Services for Your Health Needs.

Lab Draws

I come to you at your home or office for your lab draw needs (order required).  With over 20 years of experience as a phlebotomist, I am dedicated to providing a convenient and comfortable blood draw experience.

Sample Dropp-Offs

I will conveniently collect your samples from the comfort of your home or office and safely transport them to the lab for processing.  This eliminates the need for you to travel and wait in long lines at a clinic or hospital. Whether you’re due for routine blood work, need testing before surgery, or monitoring a chronic condition, I am here to make the process easier.

On-Demand Phlebotomy

On-demand phlebotomy services for doctors provide convenient and efficient blood collection services, allowing healthcare providers to order blood draws for their patients at any time and location. (Hourly rate) 

With the increasing demand for more accessible and convenient healthcare services, on-demand phlebotomy has become a valuable resource for doctors and their patients. In the past, blood draws were only available during specific times at a designated medical facility, causing inconvenience and delays in patient care. Now, with on-demand phlebotomy services, doctors have the ability to order blood draws for their patients at any time and location.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Therapeutic phlebotomy services involve the removal of excess or abnormal blood from a person’s body for medical treatment purposes.  This process is often used to treat medical conditions that result in the body producing too much blood, such as polycythemia vera or hemochromatosis.



Mobile Phlebotomy Training

Empowering certified phlebotomists to transition to a mobile service model and embrace entrepreneurship.

Phlebotomy is a crucial part of the healthcare industry, responsible for drawing blood and collecting samples for various medical tests. While traditionally done in hospitals or clinics, there has been a recent rise in demand for mobile phlebotomy services. This means that instead of patients having to travel to a specific location, certified phlebotomists can go directly to their homes or workplaces to collect blood samples.

But what many people don’t realize is that this shift towards mobile phlebotomy also presents a unique opportunity for those in the profession – becoming business owners. With the right skills and knowledge, certified phlebotomists have the potential to start their own mobile phlebotomy businesses and reap the rewards of being their own boss

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Forget about travel and waiting rooms; we bring professional phlebotomy services directly to you, wherever you are.